13 Fun & Creative Ideas To Surprise Your Boyfriend/Husband

13 Ways To Surprise Your Husband Or Boyfriend With A Gift Or Idea He’ll Remember Forever

Romantic and Creative Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend or Husband

In this article you will learn:

  • How to surprise your boyfriend or husband with a unique idea that he’ll never forget.
  • The 3 key factors that completely blow a man’s mind when it comes to surprises.
  • The most romantic way to surprise your man and give him the best day of his life.
  • The simple surprise you can give a man to make him fall in love with you so deeply that he wants to stay with you forever.
  • How to surprise him in such a way that it stands out from all other gifts, presents, and experiences he’s ever had.

How to surprise your man with a gift or idea that stands out from everything he’s had before…

How to surprise your boyfriend or husband with a creative and attentive idea that he will absolutely love

Whatever the reason is why you want to try and happily surprise your man.

There doesn’t always have to be one. The important thing is that he doesn’t see it coming, right?

And then there are the typical moments, like his birthday and Valentine’s day. He knows something will happen, but he has to wait and see what it is.


It’s time to think about the best ideas to surprise your husband or boyfriend

It's time to think about the best surprise gifts and ideas for your husband or boyfriend

You want it to be better than anything his ex-girlfriends have ever done for him before.

But what exactly will that be? How can you come up with something so amazing that it’ll knock his socks off?

Your friends are all giving you great suggestions. But if you’re honest with yourself…

They don’t know what they’re talking about.

Because they don’t know what your husband or boyfriend likes. And you know for example that he hates candles and soggy things.

Even when you ask HIS friends, they don’t have a clue.

I’ve no idea,” they say.


That means you’ll have to come up with something yourself. Or send me an e-mail 😉

Just like Bianca did.

Bianca shared with me how she was stuck on how to surprise her husband. She had thought of everything there was to think of. But there wasn’t anything that seemed fitting or that he would like.

She was out of ideas, she said. So now I could give it a shot.

And since I’m not the worst at it this kind of thing (it’s actually my job to give advice and Bianca was the 5938th this week).

I’ll explain to you in this article how to best surprise your husband or boyfriend.

Feel free to use them as a gift or idea to surprise him on his birthday, or for no reason at all.

I’m certain that if you surprise him with some of the best of these ideas, he’ll be forever grateful.

How can I be so sure?

Because I’ve coached thousands of men and know exactly how they think, that’s why.

I know what drives men, but also what they hate.

It may sound complicated, but it’s not.

Before I present the surprise ideas to you, let’s back up a little bit…

Men are very different from women in what they like and don’t like.

And it’s important to take that into account when you’re trying to amaze him with your gift.

First, let’s clear up the biggest misunderstanding when surprising a man:

The biggest misconception about surprising a man and what gifts men actually like

Men are actually very simple human beings:

Unlike women, we don’t care how much effort you’ve put into giving us a present.

We think it is especially important that we can do something with the gift. Either to enjoy it or it should make us feel better about ourselves.

If it falls into these two categories, then it’s great. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t interest us that much.

And how much effort you’ve put into arranging the surprise doesn’t matter. At least, not so much that it’s worth focusing on it.

Men don’t look at how much effort you’ve put into it.

“But Tim, how is that possible? I think making an effort is wonderful”

Yes, I understand that. But you are a woman and he is not.

Here’s what real effort means to you

There’s a fundamental difference in mating rituals (yes, that’s the scientific term), between men and women.

A man shows through his efforts that he wants to invest emotionally in the relationship. That’s important to a woman because:

If a man isn’t emotionally invested in her, it means she’s not sure if he’ll stay with her when she gets pregnant.

And in prehistoric times, the woman then had a big problem.

That’s why a woman loves it when a man spends days putting together a gift for her. Or goes through an enormous amount of trouble buying something for her.

It’s stimulating for a woman when a man is emotionally invested and does his best for her…

And if you love the man, then you obviously hope he wants to stay with you forever. And because he is doing his best for you, you know that to be true.

Men, on the other hand, are very different. We have two motives, which are related to the short term and the long term.

  • In the short term, we mainly want to experience things that we find pleasant and that makes us feel good about ourselves. By feeling good about ourselves I mean psychological pleasure. And by pleasant I mean physical pleasure.

These two are quite different

A man loves having sex with you because, the two – the physical and the mental – are combined:

When your man has sex with you, he feels like a real man (if all goes well). At the same time, the sex itself is, of course, a very pleasant feeling.

But men, too, are unconsciously looking forward to the one partner with whom they can have children. And to determine whether that’s you, he also have some long-term desires.

Men actively scan to see if you’re a good mother

  • Are you caring towards the people you love? The way you treat your husband or partner shows what you would be like as a mother.
  • Are you an attentive mother or an ice queen? Of course, a man wants the mother of his children to be very good at raising them, someone who’s caring and can shower her children with love.

From an evolutionary standpoint, that also had an advantage

In the past men were too busy fighting off bears, hunting mammoths, and keeping the tribe safe from threats.

We couldn’t keep an eye on the children all day.

Men are built on action and we don’t have the emotional intelligence to take good care of other people. No matter how small they are.

A woman, on the other hand, is naturally better at this. Because her sense of empathy and emotional understanding have been much further developed.

So then the question becomes whether the woman has the personality to use her natural gifts to take care of her children.

If she instead uses that talent to cry all day watching soap operas and complain to us in the evening, then we unconsciously feel less attracted to her.

The idea behind it is that a woman like that is less attentive to us, and therefore less devoted to our future children.

So keep it simple

Here are the 13 ways to surprise your husband or boyfriend with a gift or idea he’ll remember forever.

I’ve saved the best ones for last.

Feel free to just copy them. In fact, do that. Thank me later;)

Because I know he will love it and your relationship will become stronger because of it.

And as a result, this leads to more love in the world. So it’s for a great cause.

Idea #1: Visit a new city for the weekend

Travel and holidays

There are things that make a man very happy in the short term. I’ll get to that in a minute.

But a weekend trip is very powerful way to if you want to strengthen the relationship between you and your partner.

It is not strange if you have been dating for a while and you have gotten into a rut. You have a certain order of doing things and you don’t deviate much from it.

That happens to everyone in a relationship.

This means you inevitably get bored with each other. The relationship becomes predictable and the passion disappears.

Try something new together

Even if your relationship is doing fantastic, I would recommend that you keep trying new things.

And one of the best ways you can do that is by creating and sharing new experiences together.

It’s always a bit exciting when the person you care about takes you to a place, or an activity you’ve never done before.

It doesn’t have to be a terrifying activity like skydiving.

Our ancestors were used to moving from place to place

When they had to travel, it was out of necessity. For example, because the water or food in the residential area was running out. Therefore, traveling had a goal, survival.

And to make sure everyone had enough food or water to make it.

This means our brain automatically becomes alert when you go to a new place.

So if you take your man or husband to another city where he hasn’t been before, this will be exciting for him.

Doing something new stimulates the brain on a primital level.

Do you think he’ll admit that? Of course not. Men are made of steel, or so they think. So don’t count on him to talk about his feelings in any great detail.

Take a look at his behavior

Is he as confident as usual? Or is he tenser?

Even the toughest man feels a small rush when he changes his surroundings. It’s also a powerful weapon to make a man fall in love with you.

What happens when you go to a new place together is that he keeps an eye on you.

He likes you and wants to make sure you’re having a good time. And meantime, he’s having a good time himself.

This combination of being aware of his own well-beaning and constantly checking how you feel – ensures that you become more aware of each other and your state of minds.

And it gets even better when you come home

Through the way your brain works, the new emotions will make you associate the sight of your partner with the pleasure you’ve had over the weekend. Every time you see each other, you remember what it felt like to do something new together.

This might sound a little crazy. But it’s a scientifically proven phenomenon.

It’s called “traumatic bonding“, and although we’re using a positive example here, it also works in a negative way.

How traumatic bonding works

Scientists told couples (who had just met) to watch two kinds of films. One group of dates watched a boring movie; the other group watched a scary horror movie.

One would expect that the couples who watched the horror movie would have less of a good time. Compared to spending some time together, watching a horror movie on a first date might seem less attractive.

But what did the researchers discover?

The opposite was true. The horror film caused tension in the couples, something that the boring film did not. The result was that the couples made contact with each other during the date and recognized the emotions together.

As a result, they felt more connected to each other afterward

And the funny thing is that, despite the negative emotions, they still had a positive impression of each other.

Scientists think this is because the couples were looking at an “external threat” together, and there wasn’t any tension between them. As a result, they trusted each other and were on the same side. The connection had become stronger.

Do I suggest you watch a horror movie on a weekend trip like this?

No. Of course not, I’d almost say. Going to a new city is, unconsciously, exciting enough. And I think it’s better to create strong feelings of pleasure than anything else.

I’m giving you this tip mainly because it helps your relationship in the long run.

It’s something that can improve the bond between you and your husband or boyfriend; more than a gift that takes a lot of effort. Men don’t really appreciate that.

Idea #2: A spontaneous declaration of love

A spontaneous declaration of love

Although this isn’t enormously stimulating for men, it can be a nice variation.

Write something on a note of how much you love him and how attractive you think he is. And put the note in his bag.

Give him also a hint about what you’d like to do with him later that night.

Because, to get bonus points, you make the note a little sexual.

After all, you know that this stimulates men’s fantasies the most.

Idea #3: Make him his favorite meal

Woman cooking for manAs you’ve now learned… Your man is screening you. Purely to see if you’re a good mother.

And since you’re auditioning, it’s better to put your best foot forward.

The first thing you can’t mess up when you have a kid is to feed them when they’re hungry.

Your man still remembers how he felt when he wanted sweets or crisps when he was a kid, and it took forever to get them.

Unconsciously he’ll think it’s unacceptable if the same would happen to his own baby.

So make sure you get him lots of the things that he likes.

Surprise him with a dinner you prepare for him

Take care of him.

This means that if he is crazy about steak. Then you figure out how to prepare delicious steak, and cook it just the way he likes it.

Just like a small child. He is not going to think about the trouble you had to go through to prepare this steak for him.

But when he puts that delicious meat in his mouth, he is going to think that you are absolutely amazing.

You could even fool him a bit, and lower his expectations by telling him to pick up some lettuce or spinach on his way home because you need it for the pasta or another dish you make often.

Then when he comes home and sees what an amazing meal you’ve prepared for him, he’s going to be absolutely thrilled.

Wearing a sexy lingerie set and cooking something delicious for him are typical things that he’ll always remember.

Even though they’re very simple, they’re extremely effective ways to surprise your husband.

Idea #4: Give him a great experience

Give him a great experience

Suppose your partner is a huge fan of a major sports team or a certain MMA fighter in the UFC.

But he’s always going to watch the game at his friend’s house, and he’s never been to the arena before.

Why not get him tickets? Especially when this is difficult and you normally don’t like football. Then it’s a perfect way to surprise him.

He’ll be surprised if you suddenly support him in his favorite hobby.

It’s simply an underrated and personalized gift for your boyfriend or husband

And you should look at it this way:

He will unconsciously register that if you have children at some point, you’ll support them in whatever they wish to do. Regardless of whether you think it’s a good idea.

That, too, is an attractive trait of a woman.

Idea #5: Give him a ride in a sports car

A ride in a sports car

This is a real surprise for his birthday – or if you want to really blow him away.

A lot of men dream of toys they can’t afford. These are often cars. And whether it’s a Porsche or a Maserati, they keep dreaming that they will someday own one.

This is one of those creative gifts that men just love

And that may be the case. But why not surprise your husband or spouse by letting him drive one as a gift?

For a day.”

There are places where you can rent a luxury sports car for an afternoon or a whole day.

It doesn’t even cost that much. And during that time you can do whatever you want.

Can’t your partner stop talking about a certain type of car? Then the easiest way to go about it is to rent that exact one for a day.

So he can just drive it around and enjoy the experience of what it’s like.

The father of a friend of mine used to occasionally visit a showroom for expensive car brands. Just to test-drive his favorite cars.

Obviously, that’s not quite the best way to surprise your man.

But it does show how obsessed men can be with toys, no matter how old…

So do him a favor by surprising him with a ride in his favorite car.

Idea #6: Surprise party with all of his closest friends

13 Ways To Surprise Your Husband Or Boyfriend With A Gift Or Idea He’ll Remember Forever 1

Imagine that he just comes home from work, or the gym, and all of his closest friends are waiting for him in the living room.

He’s going to get so happily surprised, and be so thankful to you for organizing it.

It’s just a really good way to surprise him, and it doesn’t have to cost much either.

All you need to do is to create a new Messenger or Whatsapp group with all of his closest friends and decide on a time and a date when it works for everyone.

Idea #7: Create a video collection from his loved ones

13 Ways To Surprise Your Husband Or Boyfriend With A Gift Or Idea He’ll Remember Forever 2

This is a very personal and touching one.

Men rarely truly express how they feel, especially not to each other.

Ask his closest friends and family members to record a short video and express how much they love him and what he means to them.

Everyone has a smartphone these days and the video doesn’t have to be longer than 30 seconds so it’s very easy to pull off.

Just tell them that you want to make him a personal video from all of his loved ones and make him realize how much people love him, and how appreciative you are of him, and how special he is.

Men in general rarely receive any compliments or hear how well they’re doing something. So this is going to touch his heart deeply and become one of those videos he’ll watch hundreds of times and never forget.

And he’ll associate all that with you.

Idea #8: Stand on his doorstep wearing lingerie

Woman in lingerie, stockings and high heels

I know this sounds strange to you.

You can go through a lot of trouble for a man and do all kinds of crazy things to show him you love him.

But when you (for example on Valentine’s Day or on his birthday) are beautifully wrapped in a sexy lingerie set. And gorgeously wearing that under a long coat while you present yourself as a surprise in front of his doorstep with a bottle of wine…

If you use this idea to surprise your husband or boyfriend on his birthday or for no reason

Then he is going to think:

“I want to marry this woman.”

Indeed, it’s a little strange how men work. But he will think it’s extremely thoughtful and exciting. And that’s important to keep the excitement in the relationship.

This idea also has a hidden advantage

Did you know that men are biologically programmed to desire as many different women as possible?

Ouch… I know it’s not nice to hear. But Mother Nature is ruthless.

Every human being has been given certain motives to ensure that he or she brings as many children as possible into this world.

And since the stork doesn’t bring those babies, it means that people have to do it themselves.

If you remember what I mentioned earlier…

For you, as a woman, it’s crucial that your partner makes a real effort for you. And ensure that he doesn’t leave you once you’re pregnant.

So from an evolutionary standpoint, it is important for you that you have one loyal partner.

But your boyfriend or husband, on the other hand…

He can get several women pregnant right after one another, and nature is aware of that too.

He’s evolutionarily programmed to impregnate as many different women as possible.

It’s in his nature.

Because it gives him as many children as possible and ensures that his genes live on.

Well, that was the bad news.

Now you think like: “Oh, is there any good news?”

Yes, absolutely.


Men may have a certain need to chase after a variety of women, but that doesn’t mean they’re all cheaters.

The reality is that if we find someone we like, we know how to control ourselves. Given that we feel like she’s the one.

But that doesn’t mean that he no longer has that thirst, or that he still doesn’t feel that need.

How wonderful would it be, and how grateful would he be – if you could satisfy that need for him?

What if you could offer a solution to that problem so he can indulge in that deep evolutionary need for variation?

That’s what you achieve when you’re wearing a lingerie set

By putting on a sexy lingerie set, it seems as if a new woman is standing at his doorstep.

His brain can’t distinguish between a new outfit, colored hair, and another woman.

This way you can satisfy his need for variation without involving another woman.

It has been scientifically proven that coloring your hair (for example, red), is a way to boost your sex life.

It’s because your husband unconsciously thinks there’s a new woman in his bed. But at the same time, he doesn’t feel guilty because it’s you.

And don’t get me wrong.

Your man would love to stay with you and is undoubtedly monogamous. But an exciting sexual experience is fun for everyone.

Idea #9: Give him a massage

Woman massaging a manWhen men ask a woman for advice on how to surprise their girlfriend, it’s normally “a massage“.

And, of course, it’s very nice to receive a massage as a woman.

But don’t forget your man.

If you know what he likes, and you can give him love and attention in this way, a massage is a wonderful thing to do.

The most important thing is that he enjoys it. And that you focus on what feels good to him.

When you unexpectedly give him a massage, he’ll experience you as loving and caring. Given that you can see what he likes when messaging him.

And if you don’t know that yet, it’s a matter of trying things out and paying attention to his reaction in real-time when you are massaging him.

Your husband/partner will be grateful.

Idea #10: Unexpected Sex

Unexpected Sex

Suppose you go away with him for the weekend.

You’ve dressed up nicely. You’ve chosen a fascinating city. Maybe you’ll fly there.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll see magnificent sights and taste new and delicious food.

And the place you’re staying at? It’s a beautiful hotel where the chandeliers and crystals are hanging from the ceiling shining elegantly.

You had a great time, all in all.

But what do you think your man, husband or spouse remembers most about that night?

The moment you took off your clothes…

It’s a new place, so it’s time for a new sexual experience.

If I can teach you something, it’s that giving men a new sexual experience helps a lot in every way.

If you want to surprise him, and make him think about it for a very long time, do this…

Have sex with him in a place or at a time when he least expects it.

When you take the initiative, he’ll experience it as a wonderful surprise.

Enjoy it.

Idea #11: Do a new trick in bed

Man blindfolding and handcuffing a womanAs you’re aware, men are programmed to desire variety in bed.

This is mainly about sex with different women. But that is not the only thing.

If you can show him you can do “a new trick“, then that’s great for a guy.

It’s like he is having sex with a new woman.

Especially if you’ve said before that “you’d never do that“.

If it does happen then, and he likes it, then he does not know what he is experiencing.

In summary, anything that has anything to do with sex and respects his need for variation is great for a man.

Curious to know what men secretly want in bed, and how to make him addicted to you? Then read this article.

Idea #12: Roleplay – be his submissive for a day

13 Ways To Surprise Your Husband Or Boyfriend With A Gift Or Idea He’ll Remember Forever 3

He’s going to absolutely love you for this one.

This one speaks directly to his sexual fantasies and strokes his ego as the strong man, and his will to dominate you.

You can leave a note, text him, or whisper in his ear in the morning:

“Today I’ll do anything you say, boss”

If you want to set some boundaries, then have those written down on a piece of paper or in the text. Rules: I don’t do X, Y, Z

If he tells you to do something, you respond with “yes sir”. 

Ask him if there is anything you can do for him. You can also have some romantic activities planned, such as a massage.

He’s going to remember this surprise for the rest of his life.

Word of caution: This will bring out the beast in him and you’re likely going to have more sex in a day than you’ve ever had.

Idea #13: Roleplay – Treat him like a king for a day

13 Ways To Surprise Your Husband Or Boyfriend With A Gift Or Idea He’ll Remember Forever 4

This one also speaks directly to his ego and makes him feel like a god.

Tell him he’s your king today and that you’re here to serve him however he pleases.

That means:

  • Do everything for him.
  • Get his food for him.
  • Tell him how much you adore him and how great he is.

Tell him things like:

  • “Yes my lord”
  • “Your will is my command”
  • “I’m happy to please you however you like”

This will make him go absolutely nuts and you’re like going to have more sex this day than you’ve had in a long time.

Now you have a lot of proven ideas to surprise your boyfriend or husband the best

If you really want to blow his mind and give him the best day he’s ever had – then combine some of these ideas with each other to make him feel even more special.

It’s things like this that make you really stand out from all of his ex-girlfriends (and most women in general), and chances are that he’s never experienced anything like it.

That means that he’ll absolutely love you and want to stay with you forever.

Let me know in the comments below what you decided to give him.



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