Does He Love Me? 23 Clear Signs He's In Love With You

Does He Love Me? 23 Clear Signs He’s In Love With You

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A simple way to find out the answer to your question “does he love me?“.
  • If he genuinely and deeply loves you, or if he just likes you.
  • What it means when a guy texts you back instantly (it’s not what you think).
  • How an infatuated man behaves (the 23 signs of a man in love).
  • The reason men watch ‘chick flicks’ with you, even though they hate it.

How to know if he truly and deeply loves you, or if he just likes you enough to pass the time until he finds another woman…


Woman has a feeling that a man loves her.

Is he the man of your dreams, or just a broken heart waiting to happen?

When you’re dating someone, you sometimes get the feeling you’re made for each other.

But is that always the case?

Many women have a hard time knowing if a man really likes them.

You just can’t read minds. And guys themselves disclose very little.

Sometimes it almost seems impossible to understand what’s going on inside the mind of a man.

Some men don’t mind expressing their feelings to the person they’re in love with.

But most guys find it hard to articulate their thoughts and feelings romantically.

That’s just it.

Men are great at saying the words, “I love you”.

But apart from that, they’re terrible at showing that they TRULY and DEEPLY love you.

How much easier it would be if you could just run a test to find out if he is in love with you?


That’s what I’ve got for you right here. 


  • You’re dating a guy
  • You’re currently in a relationship with a man
  • You want to know if the guy you’re dating loves you or “just” likes you…

… Then continue reading this article.

Here are the 23 clearest signs he loves you.

#1. He keeps strong eye contact with you

He keeps strong eye contact with youEye contact is essential to women. As a woman, you can immediately see right through a man.

He can act tough, but his eyes always reveal the truth.

When he has nothing to hide and wants to open himself up, then he makes strong eye contact.

It’s his way of saying:

“I like you, I’ve nothing to hide, and I want you to see who I really am.”

If you’re with a man who’s doing this, then you know you are on the right track.

Guys who aren’t in love with their woman avoid eye contact with her as much as possible. It’s too confrontational.

They know they’re only dating that woman for her looks or her body.

But when he can keep eye contact with you for a long time, that means he feels comfortable with you.

No guy can be in love with a woman that he is not comfortable with.

So the more eye contact he makes and keeps, the more in love he is.

#2. He’s more interested in your personality

Man compliment on woman's personality

Looks are what brought you together. Inner attraction keeps you together.

When a man digs deep into your past, present, and future, you know he’s very interested in you.

Most guys are often OK just knowing a few facts about their woman. But when he actively tries to get to know your inner self, then he’ll sometimes ask you questions you didn’t expect.

Maybe it’s even the first time he’s asked you such a question.

Don’t be shocked, just be happy:

He is more interested in your personality than your looks

Does he regularly ask you questions about your:

  • Past
  • Future
  • Passions
  • Fears
  • Secrets
  • Dreams
  • Motivations in life

Then it’s a good sign that your man is in love with you.

#3. He likes to hug you

He likes to hug youIt may sound strange, but men also like physical touching.

When people hug, the Oxytocin hormone is released. Not only when we hug but also when we touch each other. That’s one thing that men and women have in common. This hormone is widely known as the “love hormone.” Oxytocin has different effects on different parts of the body.

The more often you hug, the stronger the bond between you and him becomes.

If the man you’re dating likes to be near you and hold you in his arms, then you know he values the bond between you.

And wants to make it stronger.

Can’t he keep his hands off you as soon as you two are together?

Then he shows one of the most important traits of someone who’s in love with a woman.

#4. He introduces you to his friends

He introduces you to his friendsSometimes guys don’t want to be seen at all with the woman they date.

They’re shy or unsure whether the woman is “cool enough” to be introduced to his friends.

On top of that, it’s often a sign that he doesn’t believe the relationship will last long. So he’d rather avoid losing face in front of his friends.

When it comes to men, almost everything is about status

And if he feels you’re lowering that status, he won’t introduce you to friends.

Has he introduced you to his friends?

Then he’s proud of you as the woman he’s dating.

He believes you’re made for each other and he’s probably in love with you.

Does he tell you that he wants to introduce you to his friends?

It’s perhaps the most important sign to tell if a guy is crazy about you.

#5. He replies to your texts right away

He replies to your texts right awayThis one is interesting… Let’s talk about signs that he loves you deeply.

Some guys hardly ever reply to the messages you send them. Or they respond with very short answers.

You show interest on your part, but get nothing in return.

Chances are you’re dating someone who doesn’t appreciate you, or simply isn’t in love with you.

Does your man immediately respond to your “Hey, honey, where are you?“?

Then be happy with what you have. Because:

It’s worth interrupting whatever he’s currently doing to immediately reply

Does he always respond quickly to your messages? Then you know you’re invariably worth more than anything he’s doing.

The fact that he replies fast doesn’t mean that he has nothing going on in his life.

It means that he appreciates you so much that he can’t keep his hands off the phone. Just to check if any text messages have been received from the person he loves.

What else can you ask for as a woman?

#6. He does things your way

Does He Love Me? 23 Clear Signs He's In Love With You 1

When a guy isn’t in love with you, he will do whatever HE wants.

He doesn’t take into account what you want at all.

His feelings, needs, and desires are simply more important than yours.

But “his” way isn’t always the best option to take.

Sometimes you’ll come up with a better suggestion with a better solution.

Does he appreciate your input (and therefore you as a person)?

Then he’ll take your advice seriously and probably apply it.

He won’t always try to be right or do things his way no matter what.


He’ll listen thoughtfully to your solution to the problem.

Are you proposing a great idea? Then he will follow through with it and do it your way.

If he’s in love with you, he’ll even be thrilled to follow the advice you came up with.

At that moment, something else also happened…

He discovered that he is with a woman who’s even better than he initially thought.

#7. He watches chick flicks with you

He watches chick flicks with youDo you really want to know if he’s in love with you? Ask him to watch a ‘chick flick’ together.

You know, one of those women’s movies that we guys can’t stand.

And I’ll tell you a secret:

We’ll never be able to like them.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask a guy to watch a movie like that with you.

Why he will watch a ‘chick flick’ with you

If he’s in love with you, he’ll accompany you because he knows it will make YOU feel good.

Despite the fact that he knows he will probably fall asleep or be bored out of his mind.

If it means he has to sacrifice 90 minutes of his time to make you happy, so be it.

He knows it’s for the greater good:

Make your relationship stronger.

This is a good sign that a man is in love with you.

#8. He treats you like a real woman

He treats you like a real womanThe problem with men these days, is that they’re not men anymore.

Regarding men’s behavior, things are ok, but it isn’t what it used to be.

Women want a man who can bring out their femininity.

A guy who makes them feel more sensual.

Someone they can feel protected with.

Most men these days treat their woman as if she was their best friend

Nice… but not what you want to experience as a woman.

  • Are you with a man who makes you giggle?
  • Are you seeing someone who makes you feel like a sensual diva?
  • Do you feel like he has everything under control or can solve every possible problem?

Be happy with the man you have.

Men arouse these feelings in the woman they love.

#9. He talks proudly about you

He talks proudly about youSometimes it seems as if guys are not proud of the women they date.

They never talk about them…

And if he mentions her, he does it with so little emotion, passion, and joy, that you’re not sure whether he’s talking about his dream woman or his homework.

The way a man talks about you says a lot about what he thinks of you

Observe how he talks about you when he suddenly gets a call, while he’s with you at that moment.

  • Does he mention your name with a smile on his face?
  • Does he tell important details about you?
  • Does the way he talks about you make you happy?

Then there’s a good chance you’ve got a man who adores you.

We men only speak highly of a woman when we’re crazy about them.

Is he telling everyone how great you are?

Then that’s a clear sign that he’s in love with you.

#10. He sees every little thing you’re great at

Does He Love Me? 23 Clear Signs He's In Love With You 2

When you really like someone, you learn to appreciate small qualities in the other person.

One example might be how you always try to make him relax when he’s had a long day. Or how you make him see the positive side of things. Or maybe he’ll see how good you’re at packing suitcases when you travel.

These are the kinds of little things men recognize when they’re in love with a woman. He will, therefore, appreciate you even more.

If a guy isn’t in love with you, he is not going to pay attention to these things…

And if he does, he won’t appreciate them. Instead, he’ll take them for granted.

A man who’s in love with you will often compliment you on those little things you’re doing great.

And he’s not ashamed to tell other people about them either. After all, he’s proud of the person he is dating.

#11. He doesn’t hold grudges against you

Does He Love Me? 23 Clear Signs He's In Love With You 3

No matter how great your relationship is, you will still have fights from time to time.

In a perfect world, men and women may not have any.

But a good argument every once in a while can significantly improve things for the better.

It’s a scenario where both parties can express any built-up frustrations and get things of your chests.

It’s better to express concerns and thoughts early rather than waiting to the very end and for it to explode.

But suppose you’re in a situation where an argument escalates, and all hell breaks loose.

Some couples stay angry at each other for days or even weeks…


  • Too stubborn
  • Too insecure
  • Too controlling

Whatever the reason, it’s stupid and immature.

A man who’s in love with you will forgive you. And often quickly.

Even if YOU are the one who’s at fault…

Not so much because he likes that you walk all over him…

But because he’s in love with you and understands that agreeing with you, and giving in to you from time to time will only make the relationship better.

A man who doesn’t always try to be right, and instead commits to what’s best for the relationship is a “keeper.”

Few men are willing to do this.

When you see this sign, fully appreciate the man you have.

#12. He remembers the little things

Does He Love Me? 23 Clear Signs He's In Love With You 4

Guy’s memories are sometimes like a sieve.

If something goes in, it comes out the other way.

And especially things that don’t interest us much.

Like women’s stories about:

  • Drama with girlfriends
  • Drama at work
  • Shopping
  • Anything that has to do with tv series for women
  • Birthdays (especially those of family members)

But only a handful of men will remember these things.

Not only remember them also come up with their own suggestions, or ideas on how to improve upon the situation.

A guy who remembers what you say, especially the small details, is a man who really cares about you.

It’s a clear sign he’s in love with you.

Because why would he remember that once as a child, you stole a candy bar from a store and never dared to go back there again?

Most men would laugh at such a story and then immediately forget it.

But a man who’s in love with you, will think it’s cute and fun.


But don’t worry if he forgets this. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. Guys are terrible at this.

#13. He listens to your needs

Does He Love Me? 23 Clear Signs He's In Love With You 5

If he really loves you, he will often do everything he can to make you feel good.

  • If you fall asleep on the couch in your cute kind of way, he’ll cover you with a blanket.
  • If you’re stressed out from work or in school, he’ll give you massages and hugs without you even having to mention it.

A man who’s in love with a woman will often go through great lengths to make her feel good

It literally makes him happy to see you with a smile on your face.

The problem with most guys is that they think too highly of themselves. Especially if they don’t see you as someone they have a future with.

For them, it’s not “worthwhile” to pursue this kind of thing.

Do you have a man who takes good care of you and wants you to have a joyful life, every day?

Then know that you are seeing a good man who shows an essential sign of someone who’s in love.

#14. He keeps you in the loop

Does He Love Me? 23 Clear Signs He's In Love With You 6

A lot of guys are too busy with their own things.

They want to “do their thing” and dislike sharing a lot of personal information with other people.

Most guys don’t even tell their partner what’s going on in their life.

That’s especially true if he feels that the two of you won’t last long…

Then he just does not find it rewarding to share this type of event/business/information with you.

There is also a chance that he’s ashamed of what he does every day

He has the feeling that you won’t take him seriously if he reveals how he spends his days.

So he prefers to keep it to himself.

But a man who is in love wants nothing more than to share his personal information and daily updates with his woman.

You’re part of his life, so how can he not?

He sees you as someone he can seriously use as a sounding board and get great advice from. So he loves to discuss things with you.

This can either be over text, or he might mention it in person.

You won’t have to ask for it.

If he’s really in love, he’ll bring it up himself.

#15. He enjoys spending time with you

He enjoys spending time with youNot many things can separate a man from:

  • His friends
  • His football games
  • His action movies
  • His computer games

If you look at the list above, it’s not surprising that we men sometimes are mistaken for being children. It’s almost like we want to play hide-and-seek as well.

Why would a guy rather watch football than spend time with you?

Because unfortunately, he values and enjoys watching football more than spending time with you.

That’s not the type of guy you want in your life.

Do you have a man who’s willing to turn off the TV to spend more ‘quality time’ with you?

Appreciate this man.

Do everything you can to give him a good time, too.

Because if a man does this, it means he’s crazy about you.

By the way, here are some other fun things and activities to do with your man.

#16. You’re the first and the last person he talks to every day

A couple saying goodnightIf you’re dating a guy who doesn’t like you very much…

One thing you’ll notice is that he sends you a message sporadically.

There’s no way of telling when. It happens whenever he feels like it.

You have no idea what he does all day, or why you never hear from him.

And when you hear from him, it’s not even worth mentioning.

What this says about the guy you’re dating

Are you seeing a man who never tells you anything? Then chances are that he doesn’t have strong feelings for you.

It may be that he is naturally swamped and ambitious regarding his work or studies. But that chance is tiny.

Then how do you know if he really loves you?

He sends you a message as soon as he wakes up, and before he goes to sleep.

In other words:

  • Nothing starts off his day better than talking to you.
  • Nothing gives him a better night’s sleep than talking to you.

He’s clearly extremely fond of you.

Don’t take this for granted and don’t play ‘hard to get’ by not answering him.

You’re shooting yourself in the foot by doing that.

#17. He prefers to be with you over everything else

He prefers to be with you over everything else

As I have stated before:

Some men value the football game more than the women they date.

This may work in the short term, but it would be impossible in the long run.

No woman wants to feel like she’s worth less than a football match where men with colored shirts chase after a ball.

But once in a while, you’ll date a man who’s willing to put everything aside for you.

How to tell that he prefers you over all other things

Then he will:

  • Change plans with friends to be with you.
  • Skip his favorite activity to spend a little extra time with you.
  • Stay up late with you even though he has to get up early the next day.

These men see you as their number one person.

A guy doesn’t like to cancel hanging out with his friends for anything.

For men, respect is paramount.

And every guy will try to avoid disrespecting his friends as much as possible.

Take care of the man who’s willing to take that risk for you.

He’s crazy about you.

#18. He doesn’t forget the special days

He doesn't forget the special daysAs I mentioned earlier:

Most men don’t care about “special days”.

Especially guys who see no future in you as a couple.

Special days such as birthdays or graduation ceremonies add little value to a guy.

Men feel emotions much less intense than women

Including emotions like happiness.

A lot of my friends don’t celebrate their own birthdays, and especially not someone else’s.

In addition, half of them don’t even show up to their own graduation ceremonies.

So you can imagine how ‘enthusiastic’ they are when you tell them that your best friend’s birthday is coming up.

Or that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Guys just don’t care.

Unless you’re dating someone who knows that YOU do care.

He will celebrate these special days with you and for you, even though he may not enjoy it that much himself.

He wants you to feel good, and he understands that these moments are important to you.

No better sign that you’ve found a man who adores you.

Speaking of special days, If you’d like to surprise your man in a way he is going to love, then check out this article.

#19. You’re the only one he’s giving romantic attention to

Flirt with himImagine that you’re going out together.

It’s very tempting for him to flirt with and talk to other women.

After all, he can get even more attention from women than he is currently getting from you.

In the eyes of some men, it’s a win-win:

He can flirt with other women and then go home with you at the end of the night.

Are you seeing a guy like that?

Then there’s a high chance he won’t be loyal to you in the long run.

The chance is even higher that he is no longer in love with you… If he ever was.

But if you are seeing a man who:

  • Only gives you attention the entire evening when you are out?
  • Who just wants to dance and talk with you, despite there being other women around?
  • And would rather have a drink with you, than with his friends who are also in the same venue?

Then that man is very committed to you.

He truly enjoys spending time with you.

You can say with certainty that he is very captivated by you.

#20. He shows you affection in public

He shows affectionA lot of guys are like robots in a relationship:

They do everything unemotionally, and without any form of passion. Especially in public.

It has to happen in a certain way. Acting “crazy,” only just for once, isn’t possible.

After all, he is afraid of losing respect in the eyes of the people around him.

You can see this play out on a Saturday afternoon at the mall:

You’ll see couples that are out shopping together, yet the men will look like zombies.

These are guys who will show little or no affection or emotion in public.

Instead of showing people how much fun he has with you, he prefers to show that you’re an ‘ordinary’ couple.

But honestly, who wants an ordinary relationship?

A man who’s in love with you and knows that he has a great relationship will want to show that to everyone in public.

He likes to touch you and has no problem kissing you in public.

A man who’s in love with you is more than happy to do this. He likes to show other people that he is together with a great woman.

#21. He shows character signs of a man in love

He shows character signs of a man in love

Much of our behavior as people happen very unconsciously.

If a guy doesn’t see a future in you, he’ll unknowingly be a real jerk.

But if a man sees a future with you, he’ll unconsciously behave in a way that shows this.

Are you walking into a crowd?

Then he’ll unconsciously hold your hand a little tighter.

He doesn’t want to lose you. Literally and figuratively.

Are you guys crossing a street together?

Then he’ll put his hand on your back or shoulder to help you cross safely.

He does it unconsciously

Does he believe you’re incapable of crossing the street on your own?

Of course not.

He’s doing it all unconsciously. This kind of behavior isn’t driven by lust, but from a man who loves you.

So his real motivation is revealed at times like this.

Do you recognize these moments with the man you’re dating?

Then take a calm breath and smile.

You’ve picked a good one.

#22. He doesn’t mind if you tease him when he’s busy

Woman teases or tickles man while he's workingSome guys are very focused on their goals.

  • They want to make something of themselves in life.
  • They’re doing everything in their power to achieve their goals.
  • They try to remove as many distractions as possible from their lives. No Facebook, Instagram or funny videos of cats playing the piano.

As a woman, you should only encourage this.

And I’m sure you will.

By now, you have experience with men, and you know that only a few have a real ambition or want to make something of themselves.

Still, you want a man who doesn’t only work.

You want a “work hard, play hard” partner

He should be able to just play around with you once in a while, too.

And that’s not always the case with guys who have real ambition.

They often get annoyed when you tease or tickle them while they’re working.

They might even make a snappy remark when you have not done anything wrong.

If a man’s crazy about you… Then he understands that he should be able to drop a work task and sometimes just play around with the person he’s dating.

If you tickle him, he’ll tickle you back.

If you want to fool around, he’ll be all over you (you can interpret this however you want).

He sees 15 minutes of playing with you like relaxation, instead of time-wasting or as a distraction.

An excellent sign he loves you.

#23. He’s protective of you

Man asks to text himThis one may sound a little annoying, but it’s a good thing.

Protective men are often control freaks.

They don’t want anything bad to happen to you.

There are various reasons for this. But that he cares about you is unquestionable.

Some guys you’re dating don’t care if you walk through a dark alley on your own. Or what time you get home.

These guys are not in love with you.

If they don’t ask you to text them when you’ve safely arrived home, or don’t make comments like “take care of yourself” when you go on holiday… Then they may not care much at all about you.

A man in love is naturally very protective of “his woman

After all, she’s going to give birth to his children someday. And if he really feels like you’re a match, he’ll do everything he can to keep you safe.

No matter how primitive this may sound in today’s society.

Just look at it as something positive when a man tries to protect you.

He is acting out his most primal instincts. It’s the nature of the beast.

And the beast is in love with you and means well. Even though he doesn’t always know how to communicate this.


In general, this list is to help you get an idea. But it’s never completely waterproof. When you’re dealing with extremely shy, socially-awkward, playing hard-to-get, or autistic guys (no, that’s not a pleonasm), you can sometimes hardly find any of these factors.

So I’m not going to say that you must have at least 15 signs or something like that to know for sure. That’s not how it works.

This list works in the sense that if you recognize the majority of these signs, it means he’s in love with you. But it’s not that he’s not in love with you if you don’t recognize them.



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    1. I’m in a long distance relationship and he doesn’t really flow with me the way I want all he tells me is “you’re amazing ,I love want i know about you and our conversations.

  1. Thanks! I just did sex with my boyfriend the other day, and it went great! I have read so many of your articles.

  2. 23 clear signs 😂 I’m fucked cause I counted 1 thing and I’ve been with my man 14 years. I looked him in the eye and knew I never seen the same as I did. Horrible to admit but 23 signs ffs you should know at the first .

  3. Your articles are great. I have read a few of them.Hoping to try a few of them on a new friend I have met. Right now not sure how he really feels about me.

  4. And if 19 of the 23 signs are showing and still he doesn’t make a move for us to get back together since I am the one who ended the relationship between us after feeling as if he was cheating on me.
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    If je isn’t saying that, u can tell him but all men are not the same. Some will be proud of themselves

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    My dude loves me. Even though I don’t feel worth it. 😍 he is loving me back to life.

  8. This indeed insightful,I However met someone few weeks ago and physically I’m attracted to him,however I don’t really know if he’s into me or not because we are somewhat just acquainted with each other. But with these I’ve read from your post Tim,I’ve gained knowledge,I Earnestly hope things play out well for me.

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