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Hi, I'm Tim Veninga

Problematic men expert and founder of Change Him.


Since 2008 I have been coaching men and women in dating and relationship success. Here’s a quick bio:


– Owner/coach at the most significant Dutch dating advice website; mannengeheim.nl.

– Author of the book Manslut.

– Writer on relationships, love and social psychology.

– Speaker at universities, conferences and debates.

– Over 200.000 people follow my advice to fix dating & relationship problems and get their dream relationship.

"Commitment phobic, narcissistic,
serial dating manchild."

My advice comes straight from the horses’ mouth. Commitment phobic, narcissistic, serial dating manchild.” This is what you will hear from my exes when you ask them to describe me. So when I give you advice about how to handle a man like that, I know exactly how he thinks and operates.

The advice I give you, is practical. I will not shower you with statements that sound nice but are in no use in real life. Instead, I will give you practical hands-on advice that is designed to deliver what you want, and hopefully, deserve.

My advice has been tested by over 200.000 men and women. I started coaching in the Netherlands and have built up a large following there with people who have used my advice. It’s proven to work for them, so you can feel safe that the information I give you works.

What I have done for thousands of
women and hope to do for you

The dating & relationship world is a scary place these days. 


If you are a modern, sophisticated woman who wants to have a serious and loving committed relationship, you will quickly realize that it’s hard to come by these days.


The men you will meet are either insecure and wear an unattractive cologne of desperation, or they are the opposite and refuse to get emotionally invested, with anyone.


Dating sites and apps are catering to men that will jump from woman to woman. It is so easy for them to find a new woman that they see no point in actually committing to just one. 


And if all of that isn’t bad enough…


Social media bombards them with images of unrealistic beauty standards. This will lead to men having insane expectations that are almost impossible for any woman to live up to.


As a woman, you will soon realize that you are wasting your time with emotionally unavailable men who have no interest in ever committing to you.


And that is where I come in.


I will not tell you that there are “plenty of fish in the sea.” Or that you “should move on.”


I will not encourage you to continue looking for this nice, perfect, available, exciting man that is supposed to be out there waiting for you.


I will not tell you to keep hunting the unicorn.


Because I know that will only lead to more pain and heartbreak.


Instead, I will teach you how to change him. How to make the man you have realize you belong together. 

I will show you how to turn him into a man that is not just “not afraid” to commit… but actually craves it.


If you are already in a committed relationship, I will teach you how to make the relationship better.


Is the passion gone? I will show you how to bring it back.


Is he not trying as hard as he used to? I will show you how to make him put in the effort for you.


Midlife crisis? Cheating? Trust issues? Insecurity? You name the problem, I have the solution.


Dealing with problematic men is my specialty.


I will show you exactly how to turn him into the loving devoted partner you deserve. Without effort or by losing yourself in the process.


I am not even saying you should fix him. Not all men deserve redemption. Some shoes need a trashcan instead of a cobbler.


If that is your case, I will help you to heal and how to avoid these situations in the future.


But if he is deserving of change. I will teach you how to change him here.

Are you ready to take control of your love life?

Select your number one goal below:

About Tim Veninga - Coach @ Changehim.com 1

Make Him Commit

Fix his commitment phobia and have a real committed relationship with him.

About Tim Veninga - Coach @ Changehim.com 2

Fix Relationship Problems

Find out what to do about cheating, midlife crisis or other relationship issues.

About Tim Veninga - Coach @ Changehim.com 3

Find & Get Mr. Right

Learn to avoid toxic relationships and players and find your dream man.

About Tim Veninga - Coach @ Changehim.com 4
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Men coached
Workshop attendees

Who I am and why you should believe everything I say 😉

My name is Tim Veninga, and since 2008 I’ve been the guy that men go to when they need help with women. 

If a guy is in love with a woman and wants to know how to get her? He comes to me.

A guy is single and he wants to learn how to meet women? He comes to me.

A guy has problems in his relationship or a fear of commitment? He comes to me.

Over the past 11 years I’ve worked with over 1200 men in person, and I have spoken to more than 8.000 men in workshops and seminars.

Because I worked with so many guys, I know exactly how men think about women and relationships. During the thousands of private conversations we’ve had they have told me exactly what made them fall in love with a woman, who they see as relationship material (and which women they don’t), how they decide if they will go on a second date with you and why they sometimes pull away and not respond to texts.


“Because of your advice, I started to understand men better, and after that, the right type of guys came on my path. And the wrong ones, I recognized faster. So I didn’t waste time on them. I found my current boyfriend because of your advice. We have been together for 2.5 years nowI can recommend all single women to follow your advice because it really works. Thank you on behalf of my boyfriend.”
Saskia S. 

“I was very desperate when I found your program. I wanted a good relationship, and because of your course, I started the challenge to have 30 dates in 3 months. Because of your tips and advice, I got a lot more confidence in dating and how to choose a great guy. I didn’t succeed right away, or have to do all the 30 dates in 3 months, but at date #21, I found him :). It’s been great! Thanks! Xxx”

“Thanks to your tips, I behave differently around men. The result is that I now attract more of the right kind of men and, of course, are attracted to them as well.”

“After an intense breakup, I found your website. I signed up, followed your course, and after 6 months of dating, I found my lovely boyfriendWe’ve together for 1 year now, and my entire life has been great since. Tim, you are amazing. You caused a domino-effect of very positive experiences in my life. I am finally REALLY happy ❤️”
Rosiliee M. 

“I could be old enough to be your mother… but what you taught me about men I should have learned when I was 16. It would have saved me so much time and problems! Men look, think and communicate completely differently than women. I have a great husband, and thanks to your advice, I treat him better. And because of that, he ‘automatically’ treats me better, and that’s a really nice effect! Thanks Tim.”
Els B. 

“Dear Tim, your articles have helped me enormously. You opened my eyes and saved me from an addiction to a toxic relationship. Reading your articles gives me support and something to hold on to. I’m very grateful.”
Liza K. 

I attract completely different men than I used to a couple of years ago. They are stable, intelligent, attractive and even have a sense of humor :). The only problem I have now is that it’s difficult to pick one 🙂.”

“I found your Dutch website after a couple of letdowns in my earlier relationships. I wanted to understand men better and gain more insight into my own actions. Now 1 year later, I have an amazing boyfriend, and even though I don’t like to admit it, you deserve some credits for that as well. 😉”
Jo K.

Recognition & Media

Here’s some links to articles and publications Tim’s been featured in over the years.

Some are in Dutch, so right click & translate the article with Google translate if you’d like to read it.

You also might be interested in Tim’s Dutch YouTube channel, “Mannengeheim” and his website Mannengeheim.nl. He first started coaching men back in 2008, that (Dutch) website can be found at Versiercoach.nl.

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