13 Simple Ways To Tell A Guy You Like Him

13 Simple Ways To Tell A Guy You Like Him

So there is an attractive man in your life. Maybe you:

  • See him every day (for example at work), but he doesn’t know that you secretly have a little crush on him.
  • Have been friends for a while.
  • Just started dating.
  • Or maybe you’ve been seeing each other for a while, but he is not sure about the relationship and you don’t know how to reveal your feelings to him.

So now you wonder what you should do. Because you would really love to become more with him.

In other words, you are looking for ways to show him how you feel for him.

How can you subtly show him that you like him, without scaring him away?

Look. Some men are not very smart.

When you say to him:

  • “Hey, I like you.”


  • “Hey, I’m actually ready for a more serious relationship.”
  • “Hey, I would actually like to be more than just friends.”

 You will take him by surprise. He will literally be shocked to hear this.

As a result, he will likely close himself off, even if he feels the same way.

If you would have kept your cool it might have worked out, but because you said it straight out you drastically reduce the chances of it happening.

Here’s why:

He’ll start to panic…

And that is only the first drawback when you tell him directly that you like him.

The second drawback is that he now holds all the power, because:

He knows that:

  • He’s got you.
  • You like him.
  • That he can have you.

So what happens?

The hunt is over for him. From now on “conquering you” has become boring and easy. As a result, he will make less effort for you.

So even when he likes you too, it still isn’t a good idea to tell him this straight out.

In this article, I will explain the 15 best ways to tell a guy that you like him:

1. Give him compliments

13 Simple Ways To Tell A Guy You Like Him 1

It’s very simple, just say something like:

“Nice shirt you look sharp today. It makes you look really handsome.”

A man loves to hear all the things you find “sexy” or “cool” about him.

By mentioning these things, he will believe that he has a chance with you. And that is exactly what you want, you want to give him the impression that he can get you.

So that he’ll start pursuing you.

If you don’t give him this feeling, he’ll lose interest. Or perhaps make a (small) attempt to win you over, but don’t expect him to chase you.

So make sure you subtly compliment him. But don’t go overboard with this, one or two personal compliments once in a while are more than enough.

2. Subtly show him that you are sexually interested in him

Flirt with him

If you don’t? You will immediately end up in the friendzone.

It works like this: If he’s not thinking of you as a potential sexual partner, he will just see you as one of his friends.

That’s not really the impression you want to give him, right?

To stop this from happening it is important to show him that you are sexually interested in him.

How do you do this?

  • Straighten your clothes during a conversation with him, this will force him to look at your body in an inconspicuous way.
  • Flirt with him.
  • Make eye contact with him.
  • Touch him. More on this in #7.

You will find many tips in this article that will help you at he will become aware of your feelings for him.

3. Reveal to him what you find attractive in a man

Couple going for a walk

So let’s say you are on a date with him. Please try to avoid giving him the impression that you are a desperate woman.

Few things are as unattractive for a man.

And what is a typical characteristic of a desperate woman? Someone without any requirements who settle for any man.

Of course, it’s possible that you already know that you two are the perfect match for each other. But the art of seduction is to not let him know this (yet).

After all, a great guy will not settle for a woman who just takes what she can get. He wants a partner who’s hard to get.

If you mention what you find attractive in a guy, generally speaking (even if you mention qualities he has) you will make a statement and almost “influence” him to behave this way to win you over.

Here’s something you can say:

“I love a man who has the balls to go after what he wants and won’t give up.”

You will give the unforgettable impression that you are a woman who knows what she wants. A high-value woman with standards.

4. Laugh at his jokes

Laugh at his jokes (even if he's not funny)

All men think they are funny. And at the same time, we are secretly very insecure about this.

So we are always looking for confirmation that he’s doing something “right”.

If you laugh at his jokes, you will give him this confirmation and make him feel good about himself.

Then he will associate these good feelings with you. And he will think: “Wow, I might have a chance with her.”

And as I mentioned before, this is exactly the idea you want to give him.

5. Be playful & challenging

13 Simple Ways To Tell A Guy You Like Him 2

Do you know the opposite of a great relationship?

A boring and predictable one.

You have to give him the idea that being with you is going to be fun and exciting, and as far from boring and predictable as possible.

How do you achieve this?

By challenging him.

Men like to ‘hunt’, They don’t want the woman of their dreams to just fall in their lap. She has to be hard to get otherwise he’ll never appreciate her.

He wants to conquer you and if it feels too easy for him, he will appreciate you a lot less.

So by making it too easy for him, you are shooting yourself in the foot. And you run the risk of missing out on him.

Therefore you must show him that you are not easy. Counteract when you are dating but do this is a nice and playful way. You don’t want him to think that you are an unattainable ice queen.

6. Touch him

Woman touching a man

Touching him is important, this will make him:

  • Like you even more.
  • Feel that he has a closer connection with you.
  • Feel more attractive to you.

For example, put your hand on his shoulder while you are talking or straighten his clothes.

The biggest reason for this is that physicality is the one thing that separates friends from lovers. So by touching him you’ll put yourself in the category of becoming more than just friends.

Make sure he feels comfortable with your touch.

And I know it can be a little scary and exciting at times.

Especially if you haven’t touched each other that much yet. But make sure it becomes natural. You will also see that he will then start to touch you more and that there will be a lot more attraction between the two of you.

7. Show him your most beautiful and brightest smile

Happy woman living a fun and exciting life.png

You’ve probably heard this advice a hundred times.

When you give an authentic big smile it means that you have good intentions. It’s a universal sign across the globe that means “I come in peace”, and a kind of white flag.

By smiling you also make him feel good. You’ve probably been around someone who just had such positive energy and attitude so it got caught on to you as well. That’s what a smile does.

He’ll literally be happy to see you and start to look forward to it.

So keep smiling.

8. Share your opinion with him

Have in-depth discussions

Almost every man is incredibly turned off by a woman who hasn’t got an opinion and it’s no surprise.

Because it’s boring and it’s like hanging out with a sort of emptiness.

  • What kind of food do you like? Anything, you pick.
  • What movie do you want to watch? I don’t mind, you pick.
  • What do you want to do later? I don’t know, you decide.

After a while, he’ll automatically stop asking because he already knows what she’s going to say.

How can you avoid this?

It’s simple, don’t be afraid to express your opinion with him.

That doesn’t mean you need to have great political opinions all at once, let alone argue or have an opinion on everything.

Do you see my point?

When you share your points of view with him (and you have great things to say) you become someone that he can have deep and meaningful conversations with, and that means a lot.

9. Show a genuine interest in him

13 Simple Ways To Tell A Guy You Like Him 3

The quickest and easiest way to do this is by showing a genuine interest in him.

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

By showing an interest in him, he will automatically become more interested in you also.

So listen to what he has to say and ask him questions about it. Show him that you are paying attention and want to get to know him. Just by doing this he will find you much more interested, simply because finally someone is REALLY listening to him.

10. Spend time on your appearance

Woman making an effort

Men pay close attention to this. We notice immediately (unlike a married man who doesn’t notice when his wife has been to the hairdresser’s) whether a woman spends time on her appearance and takes good care of herself.

I once had a funny conversation with a friend of mine. She told me that she often wore casual clothes on purpose during dates. She thought it would give the impression that she was confident.

Don’t think that men will be impressed when you dress casually.

To be honest, it has the opposite effect.

A guy will now probably think:

Great, she can’t even make the effort to look good. If she can’t even be bothered to do it now, what will it be like in a relationship?”

So, don’t do this! It will only make you look like a slob who doesn’t take care of herself.

When you spend time on the way you look, he will think that you’ve made all that effort for him. Even though he will not say this, he will now see you in a more positive way.

And I don’t mean that you must put three layers of makeup on your face, just make sure that you look good.

11. Make eye contact

He keeps strong eye contact with you

Verbal communication is just one of the ways people communicate with each other.

But eye contact is one of the most important aspects of non-verbal communication. Research shows that eye contact plays a major role in the intimacy between two people.

You can tell a lot by looking into someone’s eyes.  (So it’s no surprise that poker players often wear sunglasses when they’re at the table, for example.)

Eye contact creates a closer connection and when you do it right, it can create a lot of sexual tension. So look him straight in the eyes when you talk to him and try to keep eye contact for a little bit.

12. Lead an interesting life

Woman being happy single

Do you know who else has a nice and interesting life?

Almost all those people who have a healthy dosage of self-confidence.

This is not strange given the fact that there is a big connection between self-confidence and leading a nice and interesting life? Most people simply don’t have any self-confidence because they don’t do enough with their lives. Therefore they can’t ‘bring’ a lot into the relationship.

“Huh, but Tim? I thought that this article was about how you can show him that you like him?”

Yes, that’s right.

But without self-confidence, he will never see you in the way you want him to see you, let alone that he will consider starting a relationship with you.

…Ok, so self-confidence is important.

We’ve already mentioned it, to create more self-confidence you must lead a nice and interesting life. Go to the gym. Read an interesting and educational book. Or do something you like to do that’s hard and challenging.

13. Do small things for him

13 Simple Ways To Tell A Guy You Like Him 4

It’s even scientifically proven that the little things can mean everything in a relationship. This concerns small things like:

  • Make him a cup of coffee
  • Spontaneously prepare his favorite meal
  • Thank him
  • Listen to him
  • Ask how his sick grandmother is doing in the hospital
  • And so on…

Just small caring and thoughtful gestures that means you care about him and will make him feel important.

It’s exactly these small things that will make him notice how you feel about him.

Now you know 13 subtle ways to tell a guy you like him

Just take things slow. Even the most stupid man will be able to recognise these signs and start pursuing you, if he likes you back.


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