27 Undeniable Signs That He Does Like You (vs. Being Nice)

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You

Does He Like Me

In this article you’ll learn:

  • If a guy likes you vs. him just being nice.
  • A simple quiz with 27 undeniable signs he likes you, and how to genuinely know if a guy is into you.
  • How to see if a man is into you by reading his body language (there’s a very specific thing men do when they like a woman).
  • And much more…

How to know if a guy likes you or if he’s just being nice

I recently got a question from a woman who asked:

“Does he really like me?

She continued:

“It’s so strange. My friends always know weeks in advance if a guy has a thing for me, but I never seem to notice it. I simply have no idea what I should look for…”

Before I tell you how to know if a guy likes you, I just want to emphasize something quickly:

In this article, you will find out if a man likes you, not if he is in love with you

The reason I’m clarifying this is because these two things are often mixed up.

Here’s the thing:

Let’s say after reading this article you’ve come to the conclusion he has actually likes you. This does not imply he’s also in love with you.

Loving and liking someone are two sides of the same coin. They have similarities, but in the end, they don’t have much in common with each other.

This article is purely about whether he is into you or not.

The Quiz

1. He thinks of a way to contact you

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You 1

It doesn’t matter if it’s a man that greets you in a bookstore or strikes up a conversation at the bar. If a guy really likes you, he will think of a way to come into some form of contact with you.

It’s possible that he walks up to you and decides to give you a compliment. Or perhaps it’s sillier, more subtle. Maybe he just asks you about the time, just to strike up a conversation.

When a guy does this, it’s usually because he’s into you.

Be aware though: most guys will be too afraid to just walk up to a girl. So if he never initiates any contact with you, it doesn’t mean that he’s not into you.

2. He asks you a lot of questions

Couple going for a walk

If a man likes you, he wants to know everything about you. So much, in fact, that you may think to yourself:

“Why in the world are you asking me all these questions?”


“Why do you even care to ask this stuff? How is this relevant to you?”

Let’s picture the following. He’s a colleague of yours and decides to ask you:

“How’s that project coming along? Are you making good progress?”

If there’s no reason that he would need this information, it’s just a way to talk with you.

When he’s always asking all these questions and wants to find out everything about you, you can be sure that he’s fond of you.

3. He loses track of time

losing time when he is with youIn this hyperconnected world where everyone is always busy at every moment of the day, our time has become invaluable.

When he doesn’t have the slightest concern about the time when you’re together, that’s a great sign.

It essentially means he likes spending time with you so much, that he’s actually forgetting about the clock.

If he didn’t enjoy spending time with you, he would probably have made up some lame excuse about having to be somewhere.

By the way, if he is with you and he finds out that he is late to meet up with his friends, it’s an obvious sign that he’s into you.

4. He doesn’t check his phone when he’s with you

unread messagesIn this smartphone era, everybody seems to be glued to their mobile devices.

It has gotten so out of control, that people now check their device as much as 100+ times a day.

This has become such a habit, that it’s directly noticeable when a guy doesn’t check his phone when he’s with you.

It simply means that he finds you more interesting than his smartphone.

Because when he talks to you, all his attention is focused on:

  • Making sure he doesn’t say anything stupid;
  • Trying to make a good impression on you;
  • Listening to you, so he can continue the conversation as long as possible.

This might seem innocent.

But people that put their phones aside when talking to others, aren’t as common as you might think (but thank god, they still exist).

So if he’s one of those people, that’s a very good answer to your question if “Is he into me”

5. He compliments you

Man compliment on woman's personality

Can it be more obvious? Well… yes it can.

A compliment is a very clear sign that he’s into you.

Because – unless he’s a player, a salesman, or a good friend – a guy will never compliment you if he is not attracted to you.

It’s as simple as that.

In other words: does he give you compliments?

If that’s the case, it’s almost always because he has feelings for you.

6. He thinks everything you say is interesting

Have in-depth discussions

When a guy is into you, he literally cannot get enough of you.

So if he listens to every single word you say, it’s not just because he wants to be polite.

The reason he can listen to you for hours is that he’s into you. He will think everything you say is interesting. Even the latest gossip about your boss or your girlfriends.

You know, the things guys usually don’t give a damn about.

Does he still think the conversation is interesting? You can now safely assume that he has taken a liking to you.

7. He occasionally “forgets” to make eye contact with you

And by forgetting, I mean he sometimes thinks its more important to look at your physical appearance than to look you in the eyes.

What’s that? Bad manners, you might say?

Settle down…this is actually a really powerful sign that he is attracted to you.

“What runs through his mind when he checks you out, speaks for itself…” 

checking you out

Right, he’s ‘admiring your outfit’. Keep telling yourself that 😉

What matters is this:

If a man is checking you out, it’s because he is attracted to you. It doesn’t get more obvious than that.

Let’s face it: if a man doesn’t find you attractive, he would NEVER check you out like that. He would just maintain eye contact (without wandering off to admire your appearance).

(On the other hand, a man who constantly looks at your body is only interested in one thing.)

So if you notice that his eyes occasionally start to wander, it’s an obvious signal that he fancies you.

8. He tries to impress you

Make him fall in love with you by using 36 questions

It’s something I try to discourage all my male clients from doing, but it still happens over and over again…

…Men who brag about their job, possessions, skills, and so on.

The reason a guy does this is that he’s trying to convince you he’s a good guy.

Right, he’s trying to impress you.

Whether you want to date such a guy is your call. But when he tries to impress you, it’s because he has feelings for you.

9. He is constantly smiling at you

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You 2

This clearly doesn’t mean that every guy that smiles at you will think something along the lines of:

“I’m totally into her.”

(…But it is a quite striking coincidence nonetheless.)

But when you’re talking to a guy that is constantly smiling at you – even during moments when neither of you say anything remotely funny – then it’s twice as obvious.

This very often means that he likes you.

Does this behavior sound familiar to you?

Because not only men but also women suffer from this, so if he is smiling at you all the time, that is a very good indicator.

10. He behaves differently when you’re around

Couple things to do together with friends

When you’ve known him for a while, you might start noticing a pattern. Some guys will start behaving differently when you’re around.

It might be that he suddenly goes quiet when you enter the room.

But perhaps the opposite is true:

Maybe he actually starts to talk more, or maybe he tries to make you laugh with some silly jokes.

If he shows some curious behavior (in one way or the other), it’s usually because he’s starting to develop feelings for you.

11. You ‘coincidentally’ like the same things

A guy and a girl coincidentally like the same things

Whether it’s a good idea to go shopping together, is up to you.

But if a man is willing to participate in activities like this – without hesitating – there’s no doubt that’s a very good indicator.

This is actually a pretty funny thing most men will do. If he’s really into you, he wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon shopping with you. Even better, chances are he won’t even complain once.

12. He leans in (a lot) when he’s talking to you

This is another one of those very clear signals.

Here’s a fun social experiment for you: go to a bar on the weekend and check out all the guys there.

You’ll quickly notice that every single guy trying to flirt is physically leaning forward a bit.

This is something that almost all men do without them even noticing.

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You 3

If you notice this yourself when you’re talking to a man, chances are that he really enjoys being around you.

It’s all about attention:

The reason men do this is, that they really want your attention. They almost literally hang on your every word.

13. He’s jealous

Make him feel that his actions have consequences

This signal isn’t always easy to pick up on, as most men are experts in hiding their jealousy.

Let’s say that you’re talking to another man and he (jealously) looks your way, he’ll think:

“What’s that guy doing with her?”

The reason for this is obvious: he wants to be that guy.

Exactly, he’s jealous.

And if a man is showing this type of behavior, it means that he’s into you.

14. He wants to know everything about you

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You 4

“Why does he want to know all these things about me?”

That’s what a friend of mine asked me the other day.

Just before, she told me that a guy at work had asked her all kinds of non-work related questions.

I said to her:

“That’s because he likes you, silly”.

’Cause here’s the thing:

Whether you like it or not, men are predictable.

When a man is interested in you, he is going to show it.

And when a guy likes you, he wants to learn everything there is to know about you.

Again, this is another one of those crystal-clear signals he wants to be more than ‘just friends’.

If you’d like more things to talk about with him, check out this article.

15. He lingers on forever

How to make him fall in love with you

Let’s say you’ve been on a date with a guy and you’re about to say goodbye…

But instead of leaving, he’s stalling and keeps standing in front of you.

This lingering means two things:

  1. He likes you
  2. He wants to kiss you

Look, here’s the thing:

When a man doesn’t like you, he will just say goodbye and be on his way. No lingering around, no stalling.

However, when a guy likes you he’ll try to delay that last moment for as long as possible, hoping you two will make out.

So when that happens, it’s totally obvious: He fancies you.

16. He wants to solve all your problems

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You 5

This is one of those masculine traits you can’t escape. A guy will want to take care of everything for you if he’s really into you.

And that isn’t because he thinks you’re unable to fix things yourself.

Of course, he knows you can carry that heavy bag of groceries yourself.

But he helps you anyway because that’s what men do when they like a woman.

This type of behavior is hardwired into his brain. There’s no stopping it. It’s his way of telling that he has taken a liking to you.

17. He tries to get closer

We mentioned it before (signal #12): when a man leans in, it’s a clear sign that he likes you.

Another clear form of body language is when he comes up and stands very close to you (often in a bar) or sits very close to you (often on a date).

Why do men do this? It’s really simple: he’s hitting on you.

18. He’s constantly fumbling around when he talks to you

A man often doesn’t know how to act when he likes you. So he might:

  • Straighten his clothes.
  • Fumble with his hands.
  • Keep taking a sip from his glass.

This ‘nervous energy’ is a result of him liking you, and it needs to get out of his body somehow.

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You 6

That’s why he’s constantly fidgeting when he talks to you.

In short, a clear sign that the guy is into you.

19. He’s mirroring you

Maybe you find it annoying when a man is mirroring your body language.

But this often means that he’s into you.

When a man is nervous or shy (in your presence), he’ll automatically start to imitate your behavior.

So when you decide to sit down, he will do it too.

Or when you’re brushing your hair with your hands, he will do the same.

In other words, when a guy mimics you it’s often because has taken an interest in you.

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You 7

20. He remembers everything you say

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You 8

Most guys can barely remember a name. Let alone remember things like your birthday or your hobbies.

But there’s one exception to the rule:

And that’s when a man likes you.

“If a man likes you, it’s like he turns on some kind of super-memory-switch”

Not only will he remember your birthday, but he’ll literally remember everything you say.

For example, if you’ve told him about a fight with one of your friends a couple of weeks ago, he’ll now ask you about it.

So if you notice he’s remembering silly things like that, you can safely assume that you mean something to him.

21. He wants to protect you

He shows macho behavior

Even if you’ve only just gotten to know him, when a man likes you he will try to protect you from the very first moment.

And even if you only just met each other in a bar that same night, he will position himself in a way so that you won’t get pushed around.

Or when you both go outside, he will offer you his coat to keep you warm.

These are some of the small gestures a man will do to protect you.

But be aware:

A guy won’t do this for every girl.

Because if a man does this, then it’s crystal clear that he is into you.

22. He says incredibly stupid things

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this… but if a guy really likes someone, he seems to be getting dumber.

And it doesn’t only seem that way. Research has actually shown that:

Men get dumber when talking to an attractive woman

Men saying stupid things when they are talking to an attractive woman. IQ drops multiple points according to research.

Here’s exactly what the researchers found:

“We conclude men’s cognitive functioning may temporarily decline after an interaction with an attractive woman.”

So if a guy is saying silly things to you, this means either one of two things:

  1. He’s actually stupid
  2. He’s attracted to you

Nine times out of ten he’s blurting nonsense, it’s because he’s so into you.

23. He’s flirting with you

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You 9

This one speaks for itself. If he flirts with you, he doesn’t just do it for the sake of it.


If a man flirts with you, he’s actually saying:

“Hey, I kind of like you.”

24. Your gut tells you that he likes you

A woman has a feeling that he likes her

You might have noticed some of the non-verbal cues while you were talking to him.

But it’s also possible you’re simply feeling comfortable around him.

After all, women have a sixth sense for things like this.

So if the thought of that man genuinely makes you feel good, it’s because he has feelings for you.

25. He’s constantly looking for ways to touch you

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You 10

Does he constantly look for a reason to touch you? Like getting a piece of lint from your hair? Or sometimes give you a playful little push?

These are all ways to test how physical he can be with you.

And why would he possibly do this?

Would it be because he likes you?

Yeah, that’s exactly right.

When a guy touches you, it’s a very good sign.

26. He’s teasing you

Laugh at his jokes (even if he's not funny)

You may have heard this one about teasing a girl.

How it’s done changes over time, but the principle will always remain the same.

For example, he will (probably) not pull your hair, but instead try to tease you by, for example, making a sarcastic comment.

When a man tries to fool you in one way or another, it’s a clear tell that he wants to be more than just friends.

27. He says it

Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You 11

He may not say that he likes you straight out, but instead, he might say something like:

And the list goes on and on.

These are all ways a man uses to tell you he likes you.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

A man will never say anything like that just because he’s being nice. If he asks such a thing, it’s because you mean something to him.

What you can do now

Don’t overthink the situation, just focus on the fact that you have a man that’s into you.

In fact, here are 23 creative and fun things to do on a first date.

And if you start liking him, then you have to check out the 23 tips on how to make him fall in love with you.

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below what happened between you two;) I love reading those stories.



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10 thoughts on “Does He Like Me? Or Is He Just Being Nice? 27 Undeniable Signs That He DOES Like You”

  1. is it normal for him to leave you on delivered on snapchat for 2 days if he likes you? and there was one time where he left me on opened for 15 hours, but then he snapped me the next morning without me mentioning to him that he left me on opened. so he remembered me. is that a good sign?

    1. Thank God, I’m not crazy. I have this guy at work and he did almost everything from the list. He even tried to touch me after I told him not to. But he has a wife and I’m happily married so I thought that maybe I don’t know how to judge people and I’m some cold b*tch. And maybe it’s because we’re from different cultures. He was constantly looking for me, he keeps telling how much he likes me, keeps repeting my name – like 10-20 times in 5 minute conversation, he says he likes my hair and try to touch them… Last time after I told him something personal from the past he spread his arms to give me a hug. I didn’t feel that I want to hug him but I also didn’t want to be rude and feel shy to say how I feel about it. I though we will have quick hug and be done with it. But he kept hugging me even after I released my arms. So on the end I had to push him away. I got very sad, angry, scared. Told him, he makes me uncomfortable and it was akward. I tried to avoid him after that. But he kept trying to speak to me, apologise, keep asking “are you OK?” like he had no idea what’s all about. Today I finally told him that he makes me stressed by constant questions, repeating my name, etc, and that I want to be left alone. His face got very sad, he said that he just tried to be friendly. I started to feel guilty. But after I read this article and described everything in words I think that I wasn’t the problem…

  2. I think a guy a t works likes me but I’m not sure where he at.
    It’s difficult for us as there are cameras in every flipping room and hall way.
    But he makes regular lingering eye contacts with me , complement me a lot ,smiles a lot and more recently he has been offering me hugs after conversations.
    He still hasn’t said he likes me he reached out once over the phone when I was off sick.This but sucks only cause I thought he’d use that opportunity to talk to me more out side of work. But he hasn’t .
    I like him too Oh, I swear I purr every time our eyes meet or he finds some reason to touch me.

  3. Oh my gosh…….I loved this article. I was reading it really fast. Skimming it. And I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. It’s all so enlightening and refreshing. I believe what’s been said in it , as well…

    Thank you!

  4. So, this is happening to me and I still need a clarification.
    There’s this guy from school and he is absolutely the nicest(although he is nice with everyone). If I ask for a gift, he gets it for me no questions asked, we talk alot, he’s always smiling at me and my friends from school think he likes me but I’m not sure because the only time our hands accidently touched, he pulled away like fire stung him.
    I’m really confused about the signals. Can someone clarify for me.

    1. hmm.. im not sure, maybe he was afraid that you didnt like him back, is he quite a nervous person? or more of a confident person. i think he mightve been a littlw stunned by the touch and he mightve thought you didnt like him.

  5. Ok so my story almost feels like a fairytail ugh.. but around 1st-4th grade i knew a guy who REALLY liked me, and he tried very hard to get with me. At the time i thought boys were disgusting so i kept it simple, just me and him childhood friends. I remember one time i went to the movies for a rewards day, and he tried holding my hand throughout the whole movie! He even asked what i would do if he kissed me. Part of me wouldnt mind, but i liked the fact that he was into me, it made me feel good about myself. From then on he almost stopped liking me, and it upset me a little. He then left, and now he’s back at my school. AND I SWEAR HE LIKES ME! I can’t stop thinking about him. He’s very shy as well, and he always gives me glances but when i look at him he looks away. My friend also said that when they mention my name/full name he quickly looks at them to see what im talking about. He looks at me alot aswell and when my friends ttalk to him about me his voice goes up and he gets really happy (Alot of people call him emo, sad and depressed too- its kinda weird for him to show that behaviour!) My friends also overheard his friend group making couple names and they made my name and his merged as a couple name and he was smiling and blushing! How should i approach him? I have social anxioety so im not sure what to say to him. Please help me!!!

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